Born, raised and living in Ghent, Onepack met deejaying for the first time at age of seven because his dad had been a dj as well and he gave him two turntables and a small 2-channel JB systems mixer. It did not take very long for him to start playing music on every birthday party from his classmates and -chicks and when he moved on from primary school, he thought he wouldn’t have time anymore to play music so he rested his dj case for a while.

After four years, he couldn’t resist the fact that he had gear but did not use it so often, and that’s the time when he made the choice to go full-on for that deejaying thing he liked since he was a kid.
There is just one thing that a deejay has to do and that’s to make the people dance and have fun, and this is the only thing Onepack wants to achieve, creating a positive vibe that carries on from people to people, from time to time.


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