Sara Gold first took place behind the decks at the end of 2015. Less than a year after her introduction to deejaying, she managed to achieve the third place in one of Belgium’s most prominent dj contests (MNM Start to DJ 2016). It’s been going hard ever since. Her references reach from afterwork events such as Aper’eau and VIBkes to the bigger
club venues . Born and raised in a musical family consisting of musicians and singers, Sara went through various stages of experiencing music. Useless to say she’s always been interested in (making) music she started dancing and
playing instruments at an early age and tumbled into songwriting and singing as a teenager. Sara discovered music production around the age of 15, using FL Studio 7. Currently, she’s experimenting with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. Finally, Sara has found her way -almost by accident- to deejaying.Her musical background naturally provided the perfect foundation to take her first steps into the industry. Guided and trained by Les Mecs, she evolved into a broad allround dj. Sara Gold is especially known for her excellent drive, explosiveness and feeling with the audience. She blends different genres into a dynamic cocktail that makes the crowd go bananas. Sara equals party,
so if you’re looking for a djane to light up your event, make sure you contact us!

References: Aper’eau , Copacabana, Sett Club, Reflex, Roxy Antwerp,VIBkes…

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