It’s been a cyclonic four years for the unavoidable, vivacious pairing of electronic music’s freshest high-hopes, Wolfpack. Currently placed at #52 in the Top 100 DJs Poll, their career to date has been one of impressive standing in such a short time with things only set to snowball further into a whole other rave-fuelled realm as the pair stride confidently into 2016.

With their Tomorrowland debut of 2011 igniting their unique spark of uplifting bridges and ruthless big-room drops, the brotherly duo of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DJMags current number one DJ’s in the world, signed them up to their Smash The House roster, almost instantaneously.

With the quartet all collectively hailing from the town of Willebroek, Antwerp, the label bosses re-kindled their childhood friendship with local natives Wolfpack, through a love of positively led, bold electronic music. Fast forward several years and the pair now find themselves riding high on a wave of hype and success, as exclusive recording artists to the Smash The House imprint and most enviably, official protégées of the world-renowned brothers. But amidst this family-like affair, Wolfpack- also known as Steve and Ruben to their nearest and dearest – have watched their production work surge across the globe, catching the attention of fans, critics and peers alike.

By uniting their music, fans and ultimately themselves as artists, together as one single entity, Wolfpack believe that their name reflects this group of friends that continues to grow every day, by believing in helping each other and living life and not conforming to crowds – but leading rather than following the herd – Wolfpack demonstrate the ultimate unstoppable qualities that their music can manifest itself into. Their rise in 2014 was so astronomical, Wolfpack debuted in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs poll at a well-received #84 position, a win they described as “unreal”, though certainly not eluding the worthy expectations from industry insiders and ravers alike.

From colossal Tomorrowland performances including a deserved set on the Main Stage in 2012 and headlining the Smash The House stage in 2013, they also blew minds internationally opening up for their mentors on Smash The House dates across India, South America, Europe, USA, the Middle East and beyond. The pair also enjoyed a starring appearance at the inaugural American version of TomorrowWorld show in Atlanta back in 2013 and returned to blast away the Tomorrowland mainstage once more in 2014. After a string of outstanding shows across Asia in 2015, Wolfpack solidified their global presence, bringing their towering sound to Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai and more, for the first time, gaining a legion of new Wolfpack members.

Wolfpack’s reputation for providing electric sets grows with every whirlwind journey across each continent, all the while developing their undeniable chemistry and attracting internationally renowned guest-stars – blurring genres and ushering in new ears each time.

Collaborating with UK starlet Katy B for a vocal edit of the official TomorrowWorld anthem, ‘Find Tomorrow (Ocarina)’, along with the GTA co-produced ‘Turn It Up’, the Bobby Puma collaboration ‘Jump’, as well as a fantastic pairing with Ale Mora entitled ‘HAM’, their high-octane releases are gaining them just as much praise as their intense on-stage antics. Wolfpack’s recent output such as their track ‘Drop the Smiley, made in collaboration with legendary emcee Fatman Scoop, expanded on the success of these earlier tracks and built on the promise of standout releases such as ‘Light the Sky’ with Regi and the swarming club hit ‘Blade’ with Warp Brothers.

2014 saw them invade the stages of internationally respected clubbing houses from South Africa to Singapore at venues that included Ministry Of Sound and Las Vegas’s Light, before jetting on a party flight from Oslo to take on Tomorrowland once more. Then, there was their party-slaying sets at both Manchester’s legendary Victoria Warehouse venue and Belgium’s Sportpaleis Antwerpen, as part of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s ‘Smash The UK’ and ‘Bringing The World The Madness’ respectively. The latter was something of a homecoming show for the duo as they played to an incredible 40,000+ people at the iconic Sportpaleis Antwerpen. This momentum translated into Wolfpack returning to Ibiza for the summer of 2015 as a support act at Ibiza’s legendary Amnesia for House of Madness, sharing the bill with their label bosses and proving once again that these boys can truly hold their own, even on the World’s most rousing stages.

Thanks to a combination of hotly anticipated productions and collaborations, 2016 looks set to be another standout year for the Wolfpack duo. They reside on arguably the hottest dance label in the world right now, one curated by the current biggest DJs on the planet, and with the support of Smash The House alongside their own ambition to reach bigger and bolder goals, Wolfpack are on course to dominate in the coming year and take another huge step towards the stratosphere.



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